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This program is funded by the Government of Ontario. 



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In teams of up to four (4), Students are required to design and build a Glider Plane made from paper products and household stick items such as toothpicks, popsicle sticks and skewer sticks. The students must complete a mandatory safety checklist, draw a blueprint design and list all materials used before beginning to construct their planes. Once the planes are constructed, the students must test their paper glider plane to see how long the plane can stay in the air! The students are to use video recording devices to capture their flight tests for their project submission.

Students will be marked on their ability to build according to their plans, follow material guidelines, and the overall construction of the plane. The Planes will also be judged on how long they stay in the air and the quality of the video recording of the flight test. Students will also have the opportunity to decorate their planes however they wish! Keeping in mind that decorations must stay on during the flight test!

The Skills Ontario Paper Glider Competition is open to Sr. Elementary students from grade 7-8, and secondary students from grades 9-12. The program is intended to help encourage and develop students' knowledge of the skilled trades, as well as complement the various educational curriculums of the intended age groups.

This competition will be held entirely online and will see schools compete regionally against each other for a spot in the Provincial Championship Round, which begins in January 2021. The top four (4) teams from each regional division will face each other again in one final round to determine the best Paper Glider Plane Builders in Ontario!

When the students have completed their project, they must submit all six (6) pieces in a compressed .ZIP folder with the specific naming convention.

Teams must name their submission folders in the following naming format "SchoolName.SchoolBoardInitials.ZIP." For example, if your school is St. Mary's Elementary in Waterloo Catholic District School Board, the name of your compressed .ZIP folder should be "stmarys.wcdsb.ZIP".

Students are to upload their submissions to the following DropBox folder.

Post about your project on social media! Make sure to tag us at @skillsontario and use the #PGCSkillsON hashtag!



Teams competing within the Provincial Championship round will have until February 24th to review their existing blueprints, potentially modify their designs to meet the provincial challenge and construction requirements while explaining their modifications and submit their new submissions via Dropbox. Provincial submissions follow the same guidelines as the regional competition, but with the addition of the Provincials Challenge. Entries are to be assembled and submitted similar to how they were submitted within the regional competition. 

Provincial Submissions will be judged and evaluated by industry volunteers, and the top three teams will be awarded prizes by Skills Ontario. Winning teams will be notified no later than March 12th. 

The Paper Glider Plane Submission Package should contain the Team’s design plan, materials list, three (3) photographs of the constructed Paper Glider Plane, completed Mandatory Safety Checklist, as well as the video recording of their Longest Flight test online. Registered Teams will have until Wednesday, February 24th at 4:00 PM to submit their Submission Package to the Dropbox folder, which is shared with them via a link within their Registration Confirmation email.

The Championship Guidelines can be found in the “Resources” section of this page.

Important Dates for 2020-21

Note - These dates are subject to change.

Any changes will be based on health and safety guidelines issued by the provincial and federal government, school board/college policies regarding student travel and extra-curricular activities, and co-host location availability. Any date or location changes will be announced on our webpage, and notifications will be sent to participants who have already registered.

Important Date
Registration for Regional Competitions Opens October 29th, 2020 at 9:00 am
Registration for Regional Competitions Closes November 26th, 2020 at 4:00 pm
Submissions for Regional Competitions Due December 10th, 2020 at 4:00 pm
Regional Competitions Winners Announced January 21st, 2021 at 10:30 am
Championship Round Challenge Announced January 21st, 2021 at 10:30 am
Championship Round Submissions Due February 24th, 2021 at 4:00pm
Championship Round Winners Announced March 11th, 2021 at 11:00am


Regional and Championship Winners

You will be notified through the contact that registered your team. An email address must be associated with the team when registering so that future communication can be established during the length of the competition. All Team participants, including the Coach/Teacher, will receive their medal for their placement of Gold, Silver and Bronze through the mail.


School/Student Registration

All School Paper Glider Plane registrations for the 2020-2021 school year will be free of charge.

Registration is now closed.

Sr. Elementary Paper Glider Competition is intended for students in grades 7-8
● Sr. Elementary Teams must be made up of grade 7 – 8 students from the same school

Secondary Paper Glider Competition is intended for students in grades 9-12
● Secondary Teams must be made up of grade 9 – 12 students from the same school

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Skills Ontario has successfully increased the number of teams that can register for the Paper Glider Competition from one team per school to three teams per school. 

Each school board is allowed to submit as many teams as they have schools. For example, if a school board has 45 elementary schools and 6 secondary schools, they are allowed to submit 45 elementary teams and 6 secondary teams. For this reason, It is important that all teachers and board contacts coordinate which teams will represent the school board. If a school board has exceeded their alotted team maximum, Skills Ontario will notify the school board contact. 

Recommendations on Selecting a team to Represent your School - Online Learning and In-Class Learning
Skills Ontario recommends that all interested student(s) and or class(es) interested in participating in the Paper Glider Program. Follow the scope and resources to build their plane according to the project guidelines and then to select who will represent your school, have each team complete the “Longest Flight Test”. The Team with the longest flight test could be your representative team to participate in the Skills Ontario Paper Glider Regional Competition.

This is only a recommendation and is not mandatory. Each school can determine and choose how they select a team to represent them in the Paper Glider Plane Competition.






Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Paper Glider Competition! All of the submissions were truly amazing, and it was certainly a very close contest. We'd also like to thank you the judges from Loyalist College and Bombardier for setting aside their valuable time in marking the submissions. Your enthusiasm and efforts are really appreciated by the team of Skills Ontario.

Click on the links below to see the final standings.








How do I register a Team?
Teachers/board contacts may register a team by clicking here.

Can anyone register a Team?
Only Teachers or School Board Contacts may enter a team. An email address must be associated with the team when registering so that future communication can be established during the length of the competition.

My School has more than one team that wants to compete. What can be done?
It is highly recommended to schools with more than one team wishing to compete that they hold an internal Longest Flight competition to determine which team will represent the school in the Skills Ontario Regional Division round.

There is no guarantee that a second team will be accepted but once registration closes on November 26th at 4:00 PM, Skills Ontario will review all enrollments. If there are additional spots, Skills Ontario will notify all registered teams that they may register a second team. This will be first-come, first-serve until the remaining spots are filled.

How many students can be on a Team?
Up to four (4) students may participate in a Paper Glider Plane team. It is recommended that Teams consist of four students, but a team can consist of only one, two, three or a maximum of four students, as some students are learning from home. No matter how many participants in a team, only one team can represent a school in the Paper Glider Plane Program.

Can the Paper Glider Plane only be made out of certain materials?
Yes. Please refer to the Paper Glider Plane Guideline/Scope under the Resources tab on the Skills Ontario Paper Glider Plane website to view the approved and restricted materials list.

How does the Team record a video of the Longest Flight test attempts?
Teams are required to video record their Longest Flight test attempts on a video recording device. There are specific video guidelines that the team must adhere to in order to receive full marks and not be penalized. Please refer to the Paper Glider Plane Guidelines document located under the Resources tab on the Skills Ontario Paper Glider Plane website.

Where can the Team find the Skilled Trades Questionnaire?
Teams can download a PDF copy of the Skilled Trades Test by clicking the "Resources" tab of the Paper Glider Plane website."

What should the Team include in their competition submission package?
The teams are to include six (6) pieces within their Competitions submission package;

  • Mandatory Safety Checklist
  • Blueprint Design
  • Materials List
  • Three (3) post-Construction photos from the top, side and rear
  • One (1) video file of the three Longest Flight attempts – uncut
  • Answers to the Paper Glider Plane Skilled Trades Test

Please refer to the Paper Glider Plane Competition Guidelines for more information.

When does registration open?
Paper Glider Plane Program registration opens on Thursday, October 29th, at 9:00 AM. Teachers/Board Contacts can register a team here.

When does Registration close?
Paper Glider Plane Program registration closes on Thursday, November 26th, at 4:00 PM. There will be no exceptions made after this date.

When are the Regional Division winners announced?
The Regional Division Competition winners of Gold, Silver, Bronze are to be announced on Thursday, January 21.

When does the Provincial Championship round begin?
The Provincial Championship round begins as soon as the Championship Challenge is revealed during the announcement of the Regional Division winners on Thursday, January 21.

When are the Provincial Championship submissions due?
The Provincial Championship round submissions are due by Wednesday, February 24th, at 4:00 PM. No exceptions.

When will Provincial Championship winners be announced?
The Gold, Silver and Bronze Teams from the Provincial Championships will be announced on Thursday, March 11,


Submit Your Project

Teams are to collect all parts of their submission within a folder and submit their final submission package within the Skills Ontario Paper Glider Plane webpage at by clicking the blue "Submit your Project" button.

Paper Glider Plane project submissions must be submitted in a specific naming format in order to receive marks. If a team does not name their submission package in the following naming convention, their submission may be disqualified from the competition.


Be sure to have all 6 components of your project saved within a compressed .ZIP file folder. The .ZIP file MUST be titled using your school name and school board initials. For example, if your school is St. Mary’s Elementary School in Waterloo Catholic District School Board, your file must be titled: “stmarys.wcdsb.ZIP”.

In the event that there is a second team from your school (See Registration), the teams will need to differentiate from each other by adding a “Team1” or “Team2” to their file name.

NOTE: Your full submission package should include a total of 6 documents that is a part of the 4 sections above.

Once you're ready, please submit your project here: Project Submissions.