PRESENTATIONS FOR STUDENTS: Skills Ontario is thrilled to continue to inspire students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to explore the skilled trades and technologies through informative presentations. Educators can book a presentation for their classroom here. Skills Ontario also offers a First Nations, Métis, and Inuit student-focused presentation.


Opportunities in the Skilled Trades and Technologies - Elementary & Secondary Editions 

Our Program Facilitators present to encourage students to make informed decisions about their future. Since 1998, we have been delivering our presentation What’s Out There in the Skilled Trades and Technologies? to educate students on the hundreds of career opportunities available in the construction, motive power, service, industrial and technology sectors. This interactive, 45-60 minute multimedia presentation is updated annually and is available in both English and French, as well as a workshop format geared towards First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) audiences. 

During the presentation, students and teachers have the opportunity to:

  • Discover the benefits of careers in the skilled trades and technologies
  • Take a visual tour of the skilled trades and technologies that interest them: with topics such as median salary, description of the role, what qualities, education and training a worker should have; students are encouraged to look for a career that fits their desired lifestyle, personality and interests
  • Learn about the steps to apprenticeship, as well as other pathways to a career in the skilled trades
  • Find out how to acquire skills and experience
  • Understand the importance of employability skills in the workplace and how these skills can easily make or break a job opportunity
  • Access further resources and determine how to get started on a path that is right for them

The largest outreach program in our lineup, this program reaches over 125,000 elementary and secondary students per year in schools, and Friendship Centres and Band Offices. In the last decade, we have reached over 1 million youth in Ontario through this program.

Skills Ontario’s presentation program is the perfect complement for all career exploration or development courses.



Meet The Team


A photo of Jade Boettcher.Jade Boettcher, Programs Presentation Manager (Maternity Leave)

My name is Jade Boettcher and I am the Presentations Program Manager at Skills Ontario. I began my career at Skills Ontario in 2017 where I started out as a Program Facilitator and was promoted to my current role in 2020. I thoroughly enjoy building and leading dynamic teams and am incredibly proud to coach and motivate the Presentations department. I attended the University of Windsor where I completed my Bachelor of Arts as well as my Bachelor of Education. Following graduation, I moved to China where I taught at an International Canadian high school. After making my way back home, I wanted to continue my career in education but not necessarily within a classroom; that is where I found Skills Ontario and I am proud to say I truly believe in the good work that we do!

In my free time I enjoy dancing to a good tune, hiking with my big red Labradoodle, and seeking new adventures with my family.


A photo of Azman Branudeen.Azman Branudeen, Program Facilitator

I have been with Skills Ontario since October 2022, and immensely enjoy the experience in working with students very much. I am originally from Sri Lanka, a tiny island in South Asia aka The Pearl of the Indian Ocean and my previous work has been in the fields of Education, Finance, and Telecommunication. I love to spend time with my family & friends, to read books, and to go hiking whenever I can find some free time.





A photo of Hanna Cooper.Hanna Cooper, Program Facilitator

I have been a Program Facilitator since 2022, but don’t let that title fool you – I tend to dip my toes in as many departments as I can. Brighton, ON is where I grew up, but now I reside in in beautiful PEC. I attended Loyalist College for Social Service Work followed by Community Justice leading me into roles within a group home, homeless shelter, and prison to start my journey on helping and encouraging people. That same passion has led me to this role, to hopefully make a difference in the lives of students and show them a career that may change their lives. When I am not working, you can find me with my animals, camping, or at a food truck/patio!


A photo of Kenman Huynh.Kenman Huynh, Program Facilitator

Hello! I’m Kenman Huynh, a program facilitator with Skills Ontario. Helping young students discover and pursue careers in the skilled trades and technology sectors is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I’m from the centre of the universe city of Toronto, and I have a passion for public transportation, especially my favourite public transport agency: the Toronto Transit Commission. Despite living in Toronto for all of my life, I still find myself learning new things in Toronto. I love exploring the city by taking the TTC and by cycling, and discovering hidden gems and local delicacies in every neighbourhood I pass through. 


A photo of Shelley O'Rourke.Shelley O'Rourke, Program Facilitator

Hello, my name is Shelley O’Rourke and I am a Program Facilitator in eastern Ontario. 

I come from a small village 45 minutes west of Ottawa called Fitzroy Harbour, and I continue to live in the National Capital Region. I love the Ottawa area and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. 

I grew up around a lot of male tradespeople, my dad was an Elevating Devices Mechanic, my grandfather a Dairy Farmer, and my uncles worked in agriculture and construction. Although I grew up seeing the benefits of working in the skilled trades, I never realized that the trades could be for me, particularly as a woman!  

There are so many myths and misconceptions regarding careers in the Skilled Trades & Technologies. I hope to correct the misinformation for today’s youth as they start to think about their future career. I struggled for many years to find my place in the workforce, now that I have found it with Skills Ontario, I am passionate about providing students with the information and tools they need to help them find  their own path.  


A photo of Suzane Peynado.Suzane Peynado, Program Facilitator

My name is Suzane Peynado and I am a Program Facilitator with Skills Ontario. With an educational background is Social Studies and Political Science, I have always been passionate about mending social issues that affect all members of our communities. As being a child from a Skilled Trades family, I understand very well the value these careers can bring to other families, and I am passionate about our mission here at Skills Ontario. As being a product of a generation who knew very little about post-secondary pathways that were available to me, I am very determined to ensure all youth in Ontario know that they have a choice because knowledge is power! On my downtime, I enjoy reading, going on road trips, and most of all spending time with my family and friends.





SPhoto of Sebastian Roch.ebastian Roch, Bilingual Program Facilitator

Hello, my name is Sebastian Amara Roch. But most people just refer to me as Seb. Being born in Guelph I spent most of my childhood in an African country called Togo where I learned to speak French. By the age of six, I moved back to Canada where I stayed in Guelph. Having many close relatives with a background in education, it felt natural that I would find myself in the education sector hence why I am now a Program facilitator for Skills Ontario.

On my off time, I enjoy playing a video game called Destiny 2 and using my thousands of in-game hours to lead new players into completing end-game activities in what is called a “sherpa run” as I would be the only person with the experience to lead the team to completing the activity. Though this might be challenging for many reasons, my ability to teach and orient five inexperienced strangers into completing multiple diverse team-based puzzles has taught me patience, problem-solving, explaining skills, adaptability, perseverance, and how to play to everyone’s strengths.

I would like to conclude with a quote that throughout my life, has stuck with me and pushed me to strive for success.

“Fight or be forgotten.” 

- Aatrox


Photo of Jack St. Clair at a beach.Jack St.Clair, Program Facilitator

I'm Jack and I feel like the luckiest guy on earth to have such an incredible job! I'm a creative person who loves technology, building and taking apart computers, and I've had a lot of fun in the burgeoning content creation side of tech, producing and editing podcasts and videos.

I’m a big dog lover and ran a small business for a couple years training, walking, and boarding dogs in BC and Toronto. I have a passion for ancient history and archaeology which I studied out west, and I even had the opportunity to spend a summer digging for treasure as an archaeologist!

I think that the skilled trades today are quite akin to the kinds of creative, hands-on jobs that were so prevalent, and helped humanity evolve in the past. This means I get to help humanity via inspiring students to pursue some pretty stellar careers and that's just plain awesome!  


A photo of Prashant Teki.Prashant Teki, Outreach & Engagement Coordinator

Prashant E Teki is a dynamic individual with a passion for the skill ecosystem and a love for all things automotive. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team at Skills Ontario.

As an accomplished rally driver, Prashant thrives on the exhilaration of speed, precision, and determination. This same drive and focus extend to their professional endeavors, where they constantly seek to enhance their skills and stay ahead of the curve.

Prashant's last name, Teki, seems to hint at their natural affinity for technology. This connection has proven to be true, as they possess a genuine aptitude for all things tech related. Their passion for technology complements their expertise in the skill ecosystem, allowing them to leverage digital tools and platforms effectively.

While Prashant is highly skilled in their current field, they also have a deep appreciation for the trades. Recognizing the value of practical skills, they are on a personal journey to learn and expand their knowledge in various trades. This commitment to continuous learning demonstrates their versatility and eagerness to acquire new skills.

At Skills Ontario, we are fortunate to have Prashant as a valuable member of our team. Their extensive experience in the skill ecosystem, coupled with their passion for cars, bikes, and technology, brings a unique perspective to our organization. Their dedication to personal growth and their desire to explore the trades make them versatile and adaptable professional.




Student Worksheets

French Presentation
Skills Ontario offers this presentation in French, too. The French presentation is available province-wide.

FNMI-focused Presentations
Skills Ontario delivers a version of its presentation program geared toward FNMI students and under-employed adults living in Ontario. Delivered in schools and friendship centres, the presentation includes information that is culturally relevant to FNMI Communities and includes a hands-on activity. It is available province-wide.

Skills Ontario has developed its First Nations, Métis, and Inuit student-focused presentation to be offered virtually.

Visit our FNMI Programming Page