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People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People: Ontario’s Labour Market Future
Tuesday, 09 February 2010 14:35
Ontario’s Workforce Shortage Coalition is a coalition of business, education and labour leaders concerned about the province’s skills shortage. The coalition represents more than 100,000 employers and millions of employees. Please click here for a copy of Dr. Rick Miner’s report, People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People:  Ontario’s Labour Market Future published by the coalition.  The report examines the intersection of two mega-trends -- an aging population and an emerging knowledge economy.  The report predicts 700,000 Ontarians will be unemployable by 2021 due to a lack of postsecondary training or credentials.  It reinforces many of the issues and concerns the coalition has been speaking about and it provides stark and compelling evidence of the absolute necessity for business, educators, government and industry to act now to address this challenge.