Cardboard Boat Races and Video Challenges - FAQ

When should I register for the Cardboard Events?

Registration opens October 2nd, 2018.  These events are very popular and there is limited space, so it is important that if you are interested, you register as early as possible. 

How many teams can I bring and how much does it cost?

Each school may bring up to two boat teams (teams of four) and two video challenge teams (teams of 2). Your school must be affiliated to participate and the affiliation fee is $125 for elementary schools and $250 for secondary schools – your school may already have been affiliated by your board, so this fee may not apply. The online system will allow you to register before affiliating, but if you do, the affiliation fee will be added to the invoice for your registration fees.  Registration fees are $125 per boat team and $60 per video challenge team.

Where do I register?

Head to The first step will be to create your login account.  Please use the How-To and Checklist posted at that site to ensure you complete all the necessary steps.

I just created an account, why won’t it let me log in?

Before your account will work, it must be validated. Generally, accounts are validated within an hour or two of being created, but depending on the time of day (evening/weekend), you may have to wait until the next business day. To test if your account has been validated, simply try logging in.

If you aren’t able to log in after validation, please verify your username and password as it appears in your account creation confirmation email. The system is case sensitive. If you have an unsuccessful login attempt, please close your browser and re-open it before trying again. This also applies to failed student log-in attempts.

I don’t know which students will be competing yet, can I still reserve a space?

Yes, once you get to the stage where the system asks for names, you may input placeholders (ie. student1, student2, student3, etc.). Your registration confirmation email will generate usernames and passwords for these placeholders – once you have selected students, they will need to log in using these usernames and passwords. Note: Once you select students, you do not need to register the spaces again, just use the placeholder accounts to register the chosen students. Students should be selected and registered no later than two weeks prior to the event.

My confirmation says “Waitlist”, does this mean that I’m not registered?

Yes, this means you have been added to the waitlist. If your team is accepted into the race at any point, you will be contacted directly by the Competition Coordinator. If you are not contacted by the Competition Coordinator, you are not registered in the race and will not be permitted to compete. Once you come off the waitlist, you may use the accounts from your “WAITLIST CONFIRMATION” email, you do not need to re-request the space(s).

A student has backed out, can I replace them?

Yes, substitutions will be accepted up until a week prior to the event. To substitute a student, you will just need to have the new student log in with the old student’s username and password. The page should say “Welcome, (old student’s name)” and there will be a space in the middle that asks if you are a substitution – click there to fill in the new, blank form.

After I clicked to submit my (or my student’s) information, it said there was an error – what did I do wrong?

If there is an error, it will generally say where the error occurred (ie. postal code, phone number, school, etc.). If there was an error with the postal code, please verify there is a space in the middle and the combination used was letter-number-letter number-letter-number. The system will catch if a zero is used in place of the letter “O” or vice versa, so it is important to be sure that the correct one was used. If the error occurred somewhere else, please verify the correct information was entered and try again. If the school drop-down list has disappeared, you will need to close your browser and re-open before trying again. Please try this whenever an attempt is failed.

When entering information, never click “enter” or it will close the form and you will have to begin again. Either tab down to the next field or use your mouse to click into the next field. The system will not allow partial information to be entered, the entire form needs to be completed at one time. Only once all fields are completed, click “Update”.

The system will tell you once your registration has been successful – until you see this message, it has NOT been successful. You will also receive a confirmation email of the registration – if you do not receive an email within a few minutes, it likely has NOT been successful.

When should students enter their information into the online system?

As soon as possible. Registrations will be accepted until two weeks prior to the event, but it is preferred that student information is entered as early as possible. Substitutions will be accepted up until one week prior to the event.

When should I fax the signed student participation waivers?

As soon as possible. If you are able to collect the whole team’s forms in reasonable time, please send them all at once. If you are waiting on one or more, please send what you have as early as possible and send the remaining ones as you receive them. All forms should be received no later than one week prior to the event. Please bring the original copies with you to the race to ensure participation is permitted.

I faxed the signed student participation waivers, but the system says they haven’t been received?

Waivers are processed on a weekly basis in the weeks leading up to the event (and every couple of days in the two weeks prior to the event). If more than a week has passed since you sent them, they may not have been received for the following reasons:

  • Fax was blank – may have been put in the machine upside down and isn’t visible on this end.
  • Name on form was not in system - if a form arrives and has the student name generated into the form at the top, but the name is not in the system – this means that someone has used the same username and password and has saved over their registration.
  • Name at top of form doesn’t match signature – if a teacher uses one form for all of their students, they MUST stroke out the name at the top and clearly write the proper name of the student/parent that is signing at the bottom, otherwise the form will not be processed for the signing student.
  • Students over 18 – they may sign for themselves, but the teacher should initial by their signature to confirm that they are over 18.
  • In the weeks leading up to events, the fax machine is very busy and some faxes may not make it through – please try again.
  • The form wasn’t fully completed – please verify that all portions of the form have been filled out by the parent.
  • Teachers must NEVER sign waivers on behalf of parents! This does happen and waivers like this will NOT be accepted, please take the extra day to send the waiver home and get it signed by a parent.

Please verify that the fax was sent properly and try again. If it is easier, you may also choose to scan and email the forms to Please also bring the original copies with you to the race.

Can I check the status of my registrations?

If you are the person who registered the spaces, you can (and should) check the status of your registrations before the deadline. You will just need to log in at and follow these steps:

  • Click "View Registered Events"
  • Choose "Cardboard Boat Race - Elementary" or “Cardboard Boat Race – Secondary” (or Soap Box Derby, if that is your event) in the drop-down list – you will have to view Video Challenge registrations separately
  • Scroll down to view your registrations - any students that have a "No"

under either column ("Online Registration Completed" or "Signed Form

Received") will need to complete that step in order to participate

What if I cannot find my school board or school in the drop-down list?

Please contact Nick Komarnitsky at to ensure the problem is fixed.

I did not receive a confirmation email, why?

The email address you entered may not be functional or was entered incorrectly, please verify that you entered the correct address. Please also check your junk mail folder as it may be filtered as SPAM.

Please contact Nick Komarnitsky at to see if the registration came through. If not, you will need to try again.

My student lost their participation waiver, can I reprint it for them?

Yes, you will just need to log in using the username and password for their account, click “Edit my Data”, then “Update” and you will be brought back to the “View Form” page.