Skills Ontario Competition - Visitors

Skills Ontario is planning to hold the 2023 provincial Skills Ontario Competition in-person in Toronto. The Competition will take place on May 1st and 2nd, followed by the Closing Ceremony on the morning of the 3rd. 

Prior to the provincial-level competition, we host Skills Ontario Qualifying Competitions for four select contests that students must participate in first to determine who will continue to the provincial level. The Qualifying Competitions will take place on Saturday, April 1st, 2023 at various locations across the province for Culinary, Carpentry Individual, TV Video (team of two), and Welding. For more information on the Qualifying Competitions, click here.

May 1, 2023

  • Elementary Gr. 7-8 Workshops
  • Elementary Contests Gr. 4-6 and 7-8 and closing ceremonies
  • Select Secondary & Post-Secondary Contests
  • Career Exploration showcase (open to the public)
  • Young Women’s Conference Gr. 7-8 (tentative date)

May 2, 2023

  • Remaining Secondary & Post-Secondary contests
  • Career Exploration showcase (open to the public)
  • Young Women’s Conference Gr. 9-12 (tentative date)
  • First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Student Conference Gr. 7-12 (tentative date)

May 3, 2023

  • Closing Ceremony

If you have any questions, please email For latest developments, follow us on Twitter at @skillsontario


For resources and information regarding visiting the 2022 Skills Ontario Competiton, please stay tuned to this webpage.


Competition Floor Plan
Competition Agenda
Competition Guide
Hotel Information
School Trip Tip Sheet
Career Exploration Showcase
Bus Pick-up/Drop-off and Parking
Competition Passport
Closing Ceremony



Competition Floor Plan

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The Skills Ontario Competition can be visited on either Monday, Tuesday, or both days! Each day of the event is slightly different, and the floor plans change to reflect this!

There is a separate floor plan for Monday and Tuesday. It is colour-coded to outline the differences between the contests, workshops, and skilled trade and technology sectors. It also outlines all the Showcase Booth numbers that correspond with the Career Exploration Showcase Booth document (located on this page) that outlines which exhibitor occupies each booth. 

Other areas to note on the map are in purple for items such as:

  • Restrooms
  • Seating areas
  • Concessions
  • First Aid
  • Skills Ontario Info Booth
  • Skills Ontario Office
  • YES Desk at the Main D Entrance

Please check back closer to the competition for a PDF of these maps.


Competition Agenda

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The Competition Agenda outlines the schedule of different activities, workshops, contests, conferences and VIP events that occur on the Monday and Tuesday of the Skills Ontario Competition. Please check back closer to the competition for a PDF of the Competition Agenda.



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Visitors and competitors of the annual Skills Ontario Competition visit at the Toronto Congress Centre from all over the province, and even outside Ontario! Sometimes, this means accommodations are required for overnight travel. Skills Ontario works with hotels close to the vicinity of the venue to secure several different group options and rates for visitors to book. The hotels and group rates are generally posted to the Skills Ontario website near the start of the school year/fall. Visitors can follow the instructions listed with each hotel on how to book. There is a deadline allocated with each hotel for when the group rate is no longer available. At that time, the hotel will be removed from the Skills Ontario website, or removed if and when a block has been filled.


School Trip Tip Sheet

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Each year over 37,000 students, teachers, parents, industry and members of the general public over the course of two days come from across the province and beyond, to observe the Skills Ontario Competition, the largest competition of its kind in Canada. With large crowds, it is helpful to plan your trip with this in mind.

We hope the tips listed below assist in planning a fun and valuable class trip for your students!

  • Review all items and documents on the Competitions Visitors page.
  • View the Bus Drop-off/ Pick-up Map and Parking Map for directions and where to park for the driver.
  • There are many buses dropping off and picking up, and sometimes it can be very difficult to find which bus is yours at the end of the day. Make a brightly coloured sign that clearly identifies your group to put in your bus window. Show this to your group before they get off the bus when you arrive.
  • There is NO PA system in the venue that can be used to page students. Please create a communication plan so you can get a hold of your students or vice versa.
  • Arrange a meeting place and time with your students prior to arriving at the Toronto Congress Centre (such as in front of the Home and Team Building Contest). This can be determined by using the Competition Day Floor Plans, posted on the Competition Visitors page
  • The designated “lost and found” person’s area is the “Skills Ontario Office” in Zone 1 of the meeting rooms area at the front of the building. Our staff will direct any lost persons, or people looking for lost persons to this area.
  • Instruct your students to use the buddy-system. When exploring the event, no student should be left to tour alone. The competition space including the meeting room areas for contests is approximately 650,000 sq.ft. This is more than eleven football fields.
  • Review the Competition Day Floor Plans ahead of time with your students. They will benefit from being familiar with the layout of the venue. These will be available to print from a PDF from the website, view as electronic PDF from the website, and as hard copies available on site.
    • If you are printing copies of the floor plan before arriving, it is recommended to clearly mark it with your designated meeting place (and perhaps the supervision contact’s cell phone number).
    • First Aid Stations and EMS are marked on the floor plan - point this out to students, in case of an emergency. Students can also ask for help from any Marshal or Skills Ontario staff. There are three locations where a Skills Ontario staff will be stationed at all times: YES Desk at the Main D Entrance, the Skills Ontario Booth in the middle of the floor plan, and in the Skills Ontario Office at the front of the building.
    • Designate a location that you will stop at throughout the day where students can find you if they need to - make this location clear to your students.
  • Instruct students to dress for the weather. While the majority of contests and showcase booths are indoors, there will still be some outside. There will not be a space to leave coats or valuables. It is recommended that perhaps students wear a backpack or bring a bag if they need to carry a jacket, valuables, or items that they receive during the day from the Showcase Booths, or if are signed up for Elementary workshops
  • Plan an activity for your students to complete throughout the day. There is a Scavenger Hunt Activity called the “Skills Ontario Competition Passport” provided by Skills Ontario to learn more about Skilled Trades and from the Showcase Booths! INFO ABOUT APP HERE
  • The Toronto Congress Centre will be providing a small concession for students to purchase snacks. Line ups are long, so please do not make this the only plan. There are many restaurants around the Toronto Congress Centre that are within walking distance, or students may bring lunch with them. Seating is limited and fills quickly during the lunch hour. Plan to perhaps eat slightly before or after the lunch hour.


Career Exploration Showcase Booths

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The Career Exploration Showcase runs annually in conjunction with the Skills Ontario Competition and features 20,000+ square feet (the equivalent of nearly 170 cars!) of exhibitor booths, offering attendees the opportunity to:

  • Try a hands-on skilled trade or technology-based activity at every booth
  • Learn about skilled trade & technology careers and pathways
  • Speak to Ontario business, education, and government representatives about skilled trade & technology career opportunities

This event is an excellent way to see what’s out there and explore what’s possible, perfect for students, educators, parents/guardians, and career seekers!  

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We’re going virtual!

Join Skills Ontario on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, from 9:00am to 3:30pm at our virtual Skills Ontario Competition & Career Exploration Showcase event featuring conferences, activities, exhibitors and more! 

Are you a Skills Ontario partner/sponsor and would like to have an Exhibit Booth? Please click HERE to register by March 25, 2022. For more information about being an exhibitor please contact Michelle Proctor at for details.


Bus Pick-up/Drop-off and Parking

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There are several entrances and different parking lots at the Toronto Congress Centre. A Bus Pick-up/Drop-off Map is provided, as well as a Parking Map for where buses can park after dropping off. These are provided each year to assist visitors in planning the best possible route and schedule for their visit when arriving and leaving the Skills Ontario Competition, if travelling via a bus.

Please check back closer to the competition for a PDF of these maps.


Skills Ontario Competition Passport

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Enhance your experience at the Skills Ontario Competition by taking part in this fun engaging activity! The Skills Ontario Competition Passport encourages attendees to experience as much as the event has to offer. Activities in the Passport will have attendees participating in activities such as:

  • Speaking with exhibitors about skilled trades and technologies careers
  • Participating in hands-on activities at Showcase Booths
  • Learning more about what the Skills Ontario Competition has to off

Those who complete the Passport and submit to Skills Ontario have a chance to win a prize!

Please check back closer to the competition for a PDF of the passport.


Closing Ceremony

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To view the 2022 Closing Ceremony, click here

The Skills Ontario Competition Closing Ceremony celebrates the success of competitors across secondary and post-secondary contests. Starting in 2022, elementary contest winners will also be announced at the Closing Ceremony, and their medals will be mailed to their school. This ceremony takes place annually on the first Wednesday in May, following the Skills Ontario Competition.

Annually this ceremony brings together 4,000 competitors, educators, and guests in-person for approximately 3 hours to recognize and celebrate with awards, medals, loud and excited cheering crowds roaring on their school name when called, and more, as an exciting conclusion to the Skills Ontario Competition!

Medal Winners - To place in the medal standings, competitors must receive an overall score of 60% or higher in their contest. Top competitors who meet this standard will receive a bronze, silver, or gold medal!


Annual Awards


Award Name Description Sponsor
 Award of Excellence – Secondary Awarded to the overall top-ranking Secondary level competitor   Ontario Council for Technology Education
 Award of Excellence – College Competitor Awarded to the overall top-ranking competitor representing a college   Colleges Ontario
 School Board Award of Distinction The School Board Award of Distinction is granted to the school with the highest overall competitors achievement at the Skills Ontario Competition. Scores are calculated from secondary students ranking in the top 10 in their contest with scores over 60%.    Skills Ontario 
 College Award of Distinction The College Award of Distinction is determined based on several factors, including: performances with the highest overall competitors achievement at the Skills Ontario Competition (Scores are calculated from secondary students ranking in the top 10 in their contest with scores over 60%.), volunteerism, and involvement in other Skills Ontario programs.  Skills Ontario 
 Top Ranking Francophone Competitor

Awarded to the top-ranking Francophone competitor at the Secondary level.

 Anglo Franco Communications


Monetary Awards, Scholarships, Prizes and Job Offers


These are granted to competitors from Skills Ontario’s sponsors, to assist them in their skilled trade or technology career journey. Opportunities such as these showcase support towards Ontario’s youth in achieving their career goals. This could be through financial aid, tools, or even a job offer!

Awards will be posted below as they become available each year. They may also be highlighted during the Closing Ceremony. These awards will be not be provided necessarily during an in-person closing ceremony, but in most cases will be followed up with the competitor post event.

Examples from previous years:

Contest Award Type Contest Level Medal Placement (if applicable)  Sponsor
 CNC Machining Monetary Award  Post-Secondary  Gold, Silver and Bronze Gene HAAS Foundation
 Precisison Machining Monetary Award  Secondary  Gold, Silver and Bronze Gene HAAS Foundation 
 Automation & Control Monetary Award  Post-Secondary  Gold, Silver and Bronze Magna International


Past Closing Ceremony Recordings


2021 Skills Ontario Virtual Closing Ceremony

2019 Skills Ontario Competition In-Person Closing Ceremony


Team Ontario

If you see an Ontario Flag during the medal announcements, that competitor will be invited to join Team Ontario to represent their province at the Skills Canada National Competition.
If you see a Canada Flag in addition to the Ontario Flag, that competitor will be invited to compete in the WorldSkills Team Canada Qualifying Category to represent their province.

After closing ceremony has ended, all of these competitors will receive an email with a link to join the Team Ontario Meeting. Reminder, it is mandatory that competitor, advisor and/or registration contact attend this meeting as it is vitally important. Information must be submitted to the national office within 2 days.

Team Ontario Meeting – May 4
Secondary competitors will meet from 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Post-Secondary competitors will meet from 2:30pm to 3:30pm