Skills Ontario has produced a wide range of videos to showcase the skilled trades and technologies and the amazing opportunities within these fields! Explore below! 


Educational Animated Videos


There are five sectors in the skilled trades and technologies, and all of them offer great opportunities! Learn about the fields of Construction, Industrial, Motive Power, Service, and Technology in this animated series!  Click here for the full playlist!









Virtual Reality “A Day in the Life” Tours 


What does a typical day look like for a skilled professional out in the field? Here’s your chance to get a unique and fascinating look at what these careers are all about. Click here for the full playlist!







Success Stories from Skills Ontario Alumni


Hear from professionals representing the skilled sectors about how they made it to where they are today, with tips and advice on education, resources, and more. Click here for the full playlist!









Indigenous Role Model Campaign


Hear the stories of Indigenous skilled tradespeople and their journeys into their careers. Click here for the full playlist!