Skills Canada National Competition - June 4 to 7, 2014 in Toronto

What is the National/Skills Canada National Competition?

Started in 1994, the Skills Canada National Competition (formally the Canadian Skills Competition) remains the only event of its kind in Canada.  It is the only national, Olympic-style, multi-trade and technology competition for young students and apprentices in the country. Every year, the event brings together approximately 500 young people from all regions of Canada, along with their parents and advisors, to compete in over 40 trade and technology areas. The competition provides an opportunity for young Canadians studying a skilled trade or technology to be tested within exacting standards and against their peers from across the nation.  Students vie to win the honour of being crowned the best in their chosen discipline.

Does Ontario Participate?

Each year Ontario sends “Team Ontario” to compete at the Skills Canada National Competition. Team Ontario consists of the top-placing competitors from the Ontario Technological Skills Competition (OTSC), and their advisors. Please note not every contest offered at the OTSC advances to the National Competition, and some contests change names at the national level.  Please click here to visit the Skills Canada website for more information. To see a complete list of which contests advance from the OTSC to the SCNC, click here.

Ontario also nominates volunteers to sit on planning committees (Technical Committees) and judging panels at the national level.

How can I train for the Skills Canada National Competition?
Please review the national scopes and supporting documents.  Click here to link to the National website where these documents are available.

Where can I get more information?
For further information on national contest scopes please contact Maggie Moniz by email at

Additional information can also be found on the Skills Compétences Canada website at