Skills Canada - Ontario
Past Workshops

• Carpentry: Campers familiarize themselves with basic hand and power tools as they build hands-on construction projects. Projects (which vary per camp) have included bird houses, tool boxes, shelves, c.d. racks, pencil holders, coasters, picnic tables, benches and other wooden projects. 

• Electrical: Campers have built and raced their own mini-solar cars, learned how to strip, cut, and connect electrical wires on light fixtures, switches, and plugs, and have programmed their own mini-traffic lights. 

• Tin-smithing: Campers have created sheet metal tool boxes using tin-snips, bending machines, a drill press and rivets.

• Culinary: Delicious culinary menus have included: personal pizzas, homemade ice-cream, wraps, lasagna, and caesar salads.

• Communications Technology: Campers have learned about radios and wireless technology and have visited a television station to learn about the equipment and process of video production.

• Automotive: Transportation activities have included inspecting the engine in a Mack truck, changing spark plugs, connecting electrical circuits to operate headlights, and racing engine-powered remote controlled cars. Some camps have had tire-changing relay races.

• Computer Animation: Campers have learned to set up a network connection and work with software to program and animate characters and scenes.

• Welding: Campers have learned some basic welding principals and have been introduced to several types of equipment: MIG Welders, Rod Welders, Arc Welders, Plasma Cutters, Straight Line Plasma Cutters, etc. Students have created such projects as hanging flower brackets and key racks.

• Landscaping: These workshops have included “groundbreaking” horticulture projects as students learned how to plant a tree, take cuttings from plants, and test soil for different elements. 

• Hairstyling and Esthetics: Students received an introduction to nail care, facials, hairstyling, temporary hair dye, and working with henna (a big hit with both genders).

• Pneumatics: Campers were given an introduction to air and liquid hydraulics.

• Floristry: Campers learned about different trends and techniques in the floristry trade as they made their own flower arrangements and boutonnieres.