Sponsorship Opportunities

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Our Program Is Different

In order to meet the demands caused by the skills shortage, Skills Canada – Ontario is taking action. We encourage young people to consider the value of a career in the skilled trades and technologies and remind them that apprenticeship is an exciting post-secondary path.

Through partnerships with industry, education and government, Skills Canada – Ontario promotes the skilled trades and technologies as a viable, first choice career options for young people in Ontario. Skills Canada - Ontario creates awareness and provides information to young people, parents and educators about skilled trades and technologies career opportunities through presentations, publications, programs and competitions. By equipping industry with the skilled employees it needs to succeed, Skills Canada - Ontario is also ensuring that Ontario remains competitive in the global marketplace.

At Skills Canada – Ontario, we believe that young people can be successful in pursuing careers in the skilled trades and technologies. We foster the acquisition of the experience and education needed to thrive in the skilled trades through our program initiatives. With so many rewarding careers available in these areas, industry and labour should not have any difficulties finding enough skilled workers.

Based in Kitchener, Skills Canada – Ontario has satellite offices across Ontario.

The Benefits

Skills Canada – Ontario represents all sectors. Our programs are offered in a hands-on, fun and engaging manner in communities throughout Ontario. By investing corporate dollars your company is committing to long term growth with a renewed priority for training.

For additional information on sponsorship opportunities please contact Gail Smyth, Executive Director at gails@skillscanada.com or 1-888-228-5446 ext. 229.



Skills Canada - Ontario is an apolitical organization that is focused solely on our mission statement: “to champion and stimulate the development of world-class technological and employability skills in Ontario youth.”  As such, Skills Canada - Ontario obtains funding from various sources and the fact that it receives funding from these sources should not be taken as support or non-support for any particular organization’s political, social or religious beliefs.