2014 OTSC Post-Secondary Scopes

On May 5 and 6, 2014, over 1,900 of Ontario's top students will compete in the largest skilled trades competition in Canada, the Ontario Technological Skills Competition. And this year, we're celebrating 25 years!

The scopes posted below are contest specific documents that give you all the information you need to know to compete, or prepare a student for a successful experience at the Ontario Technological Skills Competition.

Our volunteer technical committee chairs work hard to prepare the contests and the scopes for this incredible event. If the scope you are looking for is not posted below, please click on the link to "past scopes" to get a good idea of what the contest will include. The contests change each year, but the majority of skills tested will be similar from year to year.

We anticipate the majority of 2014 scopes to be posted in the month of January, but past scopes are available as a reference for now. Please be sure that if you do refer to a past scope, that you check the website at a later date for the updated 2014 scope.

Good luck in your preparations and if you have any questions about the contests, see the scope for the appropriate contact information. If you have any questions about registration, please contact Maresa MacAskill at maresam@skillscanada.com

Scopes are provided in Adobe form only.  If you do not have this application, you can download it for free from Adobe's website by clicking on the image below.


Come back soon to check out the links below as they become available!

Pin Design Contest

Medal Design Contest

To access past scopes click HERE
Contest Original Post Date Last Updated

Nail Art
Nail Product List
Skin Care Product List
Make-Up Kit
Makeup Images

Jan. 20/13 Apr. 16/14
Aircraft Maintenance Dec. 4/13
Architectural Technology and Design Feb. 7/14 Mar. 7/14

Auto Collision Repair
Sample Project

Sept. 24/13

Automation and Control - formerly known as Industrial Wiring
Sample Project 2008
Sample Project 2009

Nov. 27/13

Auto Painting

Data Sheet 1
Data Sheet 2
Data Sheet 3
Data Sheet 4
Data Sheet 5
Data Sheet 6
Data Sheet 7
Data Sheet 8

Auto Service Technology Nov. 27/13

Common Food Table

Nov. 27/13 Mar. 6/14

Brick Masonry
Sample Project

Sept. 24/13
Cabinetmaking Jan. 31/14

Carpentry (Individual)
Isometric Drawing

Jan. 26/14 Mar. 7/14

Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
Sample Project 1
Sample Project 2
Sample Project 3
Sample Project 4

Dec. 4/13 Apr. 1/14

Culinary Arts
Common Food Table

Feb.11/14 Mar. 14/14
Electrical Installations Feb. 7/14
Electronics Nov. 27/13
Graphic Design - Studio Production Jan. 26/14
Hairstyling Nov. 27/13
Heating System Technician
Heavy Equipment Service Jan. 31/14
Horticulture and Landscape (Team of 2) (formerly Landscape Gardening)

Industrial Mechanic Millwright
Sample Project

Dec. 10/13 Mar. 31/14

IT - Network Support Administration

Nov. 27/13

IT Office Software Applications

Jan. 27/14
Mechanical CAD Mar. 27/14 Apr. 2/14

Mechatronics (Team of 2)
Mechatronics Professional Practice Document

Dec. 10/13
Plumbing Dec. 10/13

Powerline Technician

Tools and Equipment

Apr. 12/14 Apr. 14/14

Precision Machining
Sample project

Dec. 10/13
Refrigeration Mar. 18/14
Restaurant Service Jan. 26/14
Sheet Metal Work Dec. 10/13
Truck and Coach Mechanic Mar. 24/14
Web Site Development Dec. 10/13

Isometric Drawings

Nov. 27/13 Apr. 14/14