Skills Canada National Competition

Team Ontario 2016The Skills Canada National Competition 2020 has been cancelled. Please read the official notice here or visit

Each year, Ontario’s most talented students compete at the Skills Ontario Competition for the opportunity to represent our province at the Skills Canada National Competition. Gold medal winners earn the right to showcase their abilities on a national stage and make Ontario proud. 

Skills Ontario shares Team Ontario’s trip to Nationals in real time on Twitter and Facebook. With hundreds of followers, we are pleased to provide daily updates, as well as pictures and up-to-the-minute medal announcements to family and friends at home. For updates on this year’s Team Ontario trip, follow us on Twitter @skillsontario and join our Facebook page: Skills Canada – Ontario.

For more information on this annual competition, please visit Skills/Compétences Canada website, or email 


Year Location
2021 Québec, QUÉBEC
2020 Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA
(Cancelled - COVID-19)
2019 Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA
2018 Edmonton, ALBERTA
2017 Winnipeg, MANITOBA
2016 Moncton, NEW BRUNSWICK
2015 Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN
2014 Toronto, ONTARIO
2013 Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA
2012 Edmonton, ALBERTA
2011 Québec, QUÉBEC
2010 Waterloo, ONTARIO
2009 Charlottetown, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND
2008 Calgary, ALBERTA
2007 Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN
2006 Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA
2005 Edmonton, ALBERTA
2004 Winnipeg, MANITOBA
2003 Kitchener, ONTARIO
2002 Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA
2001 Edmonton, ALBERTA
2000 Québec, QUÉBEC
1999 Kitchener, ONTARIO
1998 Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA
1997 Red Deer, ALBERTA
1996 Montréal, QUÉBEC
1994 Hamilton, ONTARIO