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Skills Ontario’s Young Women’s Initiatives is a collection of engaging and hands-on events and programs that provide skill development and mentorship opportunities to young women in grades 7 to 12. Skills Ontario hosts Career Exploration Events across Ontario from October to April, and Canada’s largest young women’s conference at the Skills Ontario Competition each year! Scroll down to start exploring!

For the 2020-2021 school year, Skills Ontario will continue to host all our regional Career Exploration Events and our Young Women’s Conferences in a virtual format!

Stay tuned! Skills Ontario has some exciting news coming up surrounding new programming, a Women in Trades Resource Hub, and other amazing offerings that will be announced throughout the 2020/2021 year!

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Skills Ontario Career Exploration Events


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Previously, Skills Ontario hosted events in multiple locations across the province throughout the school year. Our Career Exploration Events are for young women to learn about careers in the skilled trades and technologies. These events provide participants the opportunity to integrate experiential workshops and networking with mentors. These events are held for secondary and senior elementary (grades
7-8) students.

Skills Ontario will be offering our Young Women’s regional programming in a similar timeline as we have in previous years. However, this year we will be hosting our programming in a virtual format! We will continue to have the amazing mentors and workshops that Skills Ontario is known for. Going virtual allows us to reach a larger audience and to offer more spaces for young women to learn about the skilled trades and technologies! We know this year will be a learning curve and we strive to keep everything as simple and consistent as possible as we all navigate working through COVID-19.


Events are hosted on Google Meets and allow for co-ed participation in order to follow new school policies where classes are unable to divide.

Each event has still been allocated a “location” as previous years. This is navigational to school boards/colleges.

Below is a list of our Young Women’s regional 2020/21 event offerings

NOTE - These dates are subject to change. All fall event dates may change up until the registration date of October 8th, 2020. All spring dates may change up until January.

Any changes will be based on health and safety guidelines issued by the provincial and federal government, school board/college policies regarding student travel and extra-curricular activities, and co-host location availability. Any date or location changes will announced on our webpage, and notifications will be sent to participants who have already registered.

Date Virtual Region
Grades Co-Host
November 12th, 2020 Sault St. Marie 7-12 TBA
November 16th, 2020 Timmins (Bilingual) 7-12 TBA
November 18th, 2020 Thunder Bay 7-12 TBA
November 20th, 2020 Kenora 7-12 TBA
November 25th and 27th, 2020 Guelph 1 & 2 7-12 TBA
December 10th, 2020 Barrie 7-12 TBA
December 11th, 2020 Tiverton 7-12 TBA
February 4th, 2021 Belleville *Pilot* 7-12 Loyalist College
February 5th, 2021 Kapuskasing 7-12  TBA
February 19th, 2021 Belleville 7-12 Loyalist College
February 24th and 25th, 2021 Ottawa 1 & 2 (Bilingual) 7-12 TBA
February 25th, 2021 Brampton 7-12 TBA
February 26th, 2021 Whitby 7-12 TBA
March 1st, 2021 Sudbury 7-12 TBA
March 5th, 2021 Niagara 7-12 TBA
April 2nd, 2021 North Bay (Bilingual) 7-12 Canadore College


School/Student Registration

For the 2020-2021 school year, all regional Career Exploration Events will be free of charge.
Teachers and board contacts are to register students in grades 7-12.
Registration opens on October 8th at 9:00 am on this webpage.

To be allowed to participate, all participants under the age of 18 must complete an online digital informed consent form with a parent/guardian signature.


Register a Guest

A guest is classified as a dignitary, community partner, sponsor, or other interested party who is not part of a school registration. Please email to register.

Becoming a Mentor and/or Hosting a Workshop

Are you a woman who works in the skilled trades and technologies and looking to share your experience and skilled trade and technology? Volunteer as a mentor or to host a workshop at one of our events! Email


International Day of the Girl

International Day of the Girl Series - October 5th – 12th

The International Day of the Girl was established by the United Nations in 2012 and is recognized as a day to acknowledge girls and their rights, education, and opportunities. This year, the theme is: “My voice, our equal future.” Let's seize the opportunity to reimagine a better world inspired by girls – energized and recognized, counted and invested in.

Skills Ontario will be offering an exciting new series of free online events to celebrate the International Day of the Girl. We have expanded beyond the official date of October 11th, 2020 to offer various opportunities for girls and their parents/guardians and family members to participate in! Skills Ontario will be celebrating through a three-part series:

1. A week of at-home challenges to try out the skilled trades and technologies for chances to win prizes!
2. A virtual workshop to learn new skills!
3. A For Girls, By Girls! virtual conference, where viewers can hear from girls and learn about the skilled trades and technologies!

Part 1 of the Series - International Day of the Girl Challenges

October 5th – 9th, 2020: This part of the series does not require registration and is free to participate in.

Calling all girls!!! Skills Ontario would like to show the world what you can do! We are challenging girls to try out activities relating to the five skilled trade and technology sectors for a chance to win prizes:

• Motive Power
• Industrial
• Service
• Construction
• Technology

You can choose to participate in as many challenges as you’d like – there are five in total, relating to each sector. Let’s show the world that girls can build, construct, create, and do anything they put their mind to!

The information on each challenge will be posted on on Friday October 2nd to review before submissions open! Each challenge will provide all the details, including rules, specifications, judging guidelines, and submission requirements.

Submissions could be videos and/or pictures of your project. You will need to highlight what you as a girl can do and why girls rock! This can be done in either voice recordings within a video, or through a written document that is photographed with your project.

Submissions are to be posted on Twitter between October 5th – 9th. Tag @skillsontario and use the hashtag #SkillsIDG2020. If you do not have Twitter, or are uncomfortable posting, please email your submission to

To join in on the fun and enter for a challenge:
- Follow us on Twitter here!
- Read the rules and guidelines for the challenge you'd like to participate in
- Tweet your submission to us at @skillsontario with the hashtag #SkillsIDG2020

Winners will be announced on Monday, October 12th through Twitter.

Please note that by participating in our International Day of the Girl At Home Challenges, you are granting Skills Ontario permission to share, repurpose, and celebrate your submission. Make sure you have consent from a parent/guardian before using social media.

Part 2 of the Series - International Day of the Girl Workshop - Homemade Ice Cream

October 11th, 2020: 1:00pm -2:00pm
Registration opens September 4th at noon - Register

Looking for something fun to do with your family over the Thanksgiving long weekend? We're thrilled to offer virtual family-filled fun! While you're gathered together, join us and be inspired! Skills Ontario is proud to host a virtual workshop for girls ages 5-11, their parents/guardians and family members. With activities relating to the skilled trades and technologies, this event is specifically for the International Day of the Girl and provides the opportunity to explore these careers in a fun way.

This workshop will inspire and engage young girls by giving them firsthand experiences to develop their skills. Through our workshop, attendees will be led through fun skilled trade and tech-related activities by Skills Ontario staff and volunteers/partners. In advance, we will provide you with a list of common and easily accessible items to prepare for the workshop. On the day of the workshop, you will be guided through step-by-step instructions on how to use these items to explore the skilled trades and technologies!

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to:
- Discover the benefits of careers in the skilled trades and technologies
- Take a visual tour of various skilled trade and technology careers (what the profession is, what the tradesperson does, and the education and training a professional should have)
- Learn about how to become a tradesperson
- Find out how to develop skills and experience
- Gain access to more resources on the skilled trades and technologies

For this workshop, you will need the following:
- Access to a phone or laptop with internet
- Access to Google Meets  
Please make sure to check your Eventbrite registration for your workshop date, time, ingredients and instructions. You will receive an email two days prior to the event with a link to get to Google Meets. Please ensure you check the email you used to register for the event (in your inbox, junk folder, and deleted mail).

Part 3 of the Series - International Day of the Girl Celebration Event: For Girls, By Girls

October 12th, 2020: 6:30pm – 7:10pm
Registration opens September 4th at noon - Register
This activity requires registration and is free to participate in.

Looking for something fun to do with your family over the Thanksgiving long weekend? We're thrilled to offer virtual family-filled fun! While you're gathered together, join us and be inspired! Skills Ontario will be hosting the For Girls, By Girls! virtual conference to celebrate the International Day of the Girl!

This event is dedicated to empowering girls through relatable and engaging content. For Girls, By Girls provides viewers with the opportunity to listen to girls aged 5-11 discuss their perspectives of how they perceive the skilled trades and technologies, what they want to be when they grow up and why, what they think certain trades actually do, and what interests them!

This will be a great event that allows girls to relate to what they’re watching, with the opportunity to learn alongside their parent(s)/guardian(s), and other family members.

There will also be encouraging messages from highly respected and influential leaders and tradespeople, including remarks from the Hon. Jill Dunlop, Associate Minister of Children’s and Women’s Issues and a keynote from Jamie McMillian, Ironworker/Boiler Maker, and founder of Kickass Careers. Our panel will even have the chance to interview her!

Skills Ontario is thrilled to commemorate the International Day of the Girl. Join us as we celebrate you and everything that girls can do! If you have any questions, please contact


1. Viewers cameras and mics will be turned off by the moderator. Conference speakers will not be able to see or hear the viewers.  Viewers will be able to watch and hear the speakers.
2. Questions can be asked in the Q & A section through the virtual platform. The viewer will only be able to see their own comments, not the entirety of the comments/questions of the group. Other questions by another viewer, will only be seen when the Host responds and makes the question/answer viewable to all participants.
3. All questions will be moderated for appropriate content by the Host

Webex Instructions

1. Please log on early (approx. 10-15 minutes) so you can ensure all technology is working properly.
2. When logging in you do not need to put your last name, an initial is fine.
3. If you are using a device other than a computer or laptop you will need to download the Webex app.
4. Can join through any browser, or the app. For the best experience, join through the provided link in the email you will receive a few days prior to the event, using Chrome, and add the “Chrome Extension” it brings up
5. If you are having trouble signing on, try a different browser. If it still doesn’t work please go to the link here for further instruction.
6. Ensure your devices speaker is selected and working. If it is not connected to the correct source, click the “Audio” heading and select “Audio Connection”, then connect it to the correct source. If still having difficulty access the link here.
7. Ensure your video is selected and working. If not connecting to the correct source click the “Audio” heading and select “Speaker, microphone and Camera”. If it is still not giving you the ability to show video please click the link here.

Please contact Rebeca Kappes at if you need further assistance. Thank you and enjoy!

Collaborating Organizations

Skills Ontario is on the forefront of making change in our province! We are thrilled to be partnering with women in skilled trade and technology organizations and groups to stand together and make an impact. We are united with the same goals and initiatives and will promote exciting opportunities for women through skill development, mentorship, networking, and experiential learning opportunities at our Young Women’s Career Exploration Events and Young Women’s Conference.



Young Women's Conferences

Click HEREfor more information regarding the Young Women’s Conferences.