Elementary Workshops

Skills Ontario has brought back the immensely popular Elementary Workshops this year in a virtual format! The elementary workshops are all about building, designing, creating, and fixing. Follow along in class, at home, or anywhere as industry experts lead you through a 30 to 45-minute workshop to teach you all about a skilled trade or technology. The elementary workshops run in conjunction with the Virtual Skills Ontario Competition and are best suited for students in grades 7 and 8, but all are welcome. Some workshops may require pre-event preparation or materials so please ensure you are checking the website for more details closer to the event day.


2D Animation Workshop

You will learn the basic principles of 2D animiation using stop motion. You will need to download these slides before the workshop. This workshop is English, French Version is available

Hydraulics 101

Hydraulics are used throughout industry by many trades as a means to get difficult work done.  Workers are able to lift or pull heavy loads or cut, bend and form very strong materials using this incredible tool.  “Hydraulics 101” will explain the basic principles of hydraulics, introduce you to the concept of a hydraulic circuit and then allow you to practice building some circuits on your own.

Please open this link in a separate window before clicking on this workshop. You will need to have both open to successfully complete this workshop. For reference the first 29 minutes of the workshop explains hydraulics and the rest of the workshop explains the virtual trainer. *This workshop is available in English only.