Announcing the 2017 Skills Ontario Alumni Award winner

May 1 2017


Julia Falvo is the 2017 Alumni Award recipient!

Julia accomplished her achievements through her personal efforts, determination, sacrifice of time, and just for the love of hair. She surrounded herself with successful people, mentors and trainers. During her time spent working at Valvano Salon, she had the opportunity to train alongside some of the best in the stylist industry.

Her perseverance allowed her to grow and mature as a stylist and competitor. Skills Ontario’s Competitions program allowed her to take her art to a new level. Through constant learning and training, she has been able to inspire others to reach and achieve their dreams. Now, as an educator at Niagara College, Julia has the opportunity to enrich students’ lives and inspire them to reach their own potential.

“It’s always rewarding to lead someone that wants to be lead,” she said.

Through Skills Ontario, Julia has competed and won numerous awards at every level of competition, gaining more experience to be able to train others with success. She has been an ambassador of the Skills Ontario Competitions through workshops, being a guest speaker, and a great representative of the Skills program.

Currently, she is training 2 local competitors involved in the 2017 Skills Ontario Competition. Her dedication and passion (not only to compete, but to train others) is second to none.

Congratulations, Julia!

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