Skills Ontario session at Destination College

Jun 1 2016

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Skills Ontario sessionHundreds of Grade 7 students got a sneak peek at college life and career options, thanks to Destination College.

Students from 13 elementary schools – more than 400 in total – were invited to participate in this year’s event, held at the Welland Campus from May 24 to May 27, where they had the opportunity to explore basic components of various careers.

“The idea is for youth to begin to understand that there are literally thousands of different careers in the workplace that students in college are preparing for,” said Phil Hayes, manager of Student Recruitment for the college.  

Hayes noted that the annual event also provides a significant opportunities for current college students as well, as a current student organizes it each year, gaining experience with project coordination. This year, the event was planned and implemented by Business Administration - Operations Management student Josh Warkentin.

“The feedback I’ve been getting from the kids has been how much they enjoy the hands-on approach to the sessions,” said Warkentin. “In particular, the photonics laser demonstrations and construction workshops really seem to capture their attention.”

There was a significant amount of positive feedback from both teachers as well as our guides about the Skills Ontario session. The overall theme was that this session was very engaging and Samantha did a great job showcasing the various opportunities residing in the trades sector, as well as the pathways to get to them. Her hands-on game which focused on dexterity and problem solving were a hit. 

For more information on this initiative please contact Phil Hayes or at 905 735-2211 ext. 7898.

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