Sponsor Feature: IHSA

Mar 22 2017


The Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) provides safety solutions to those who work in high-risk activities such as working at heights, working with energized high-voltage power systems, driving motor vehicles, transporting dangerous goods, working on suspended access equipment, or utility line clearing.

IHSA supports safe work through training, knowledge, and experience. That's why the association has been a platinum-level sponsor at the Annual Ontario Technological Skills Competition for the past few years.

IHSA is one of a limited number of training delivery agents, designated by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, to provide the skills-based training for all four levels of the powerline technician apprenticeship. The association provides training support at several Ontario colleges and has a host of training courses available to workers of all experience levels across the province.

Like any workers, young workers have the right to know about workplace health and safety hazards, the right to participate in dealing with health and safety issues, and the right to refuse work if they feel it will endanger them. They also have the responsibility to comply with all relevant legislation, wear their personal protective equipment if it is required, report hazards they find, and not create additional hazards. IHSA can help young workers learn the safety skills they need at the beginning of their careers.

If you are looking for information on young worker safety, safety resources for skills trades, or powerline apprenticeship, visit IHSA.ca for free online resources that will help them return home safe at the end of each day. 

While at the Skills Ontario Competition in May, please be sure to stop by IHSA’s many displays and interactive demonstrations.

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