Students from across Ontario make a big splash in Skills Ontario Cardboard Boat Race Championships

Mar 3 2016

Waterloo, Ontario - Skills Ontario gave teams two hours and the materials they needed to build a cardboard boat to outperform their peers in speed and weight challenges. After two hours of building and eight heats of races each day, the winners of the Elementary (March 1) and Secondary (March 2) Skills Ontario Cardboard Boat Race Championships were declared:

Elementary Student Championship:

First place: Holland-Chatsworth Central School, Chatsworth, Ontario

Speed: 19.43s             Weight: 625lbs

Second Place: Aberfoyle Public School, Guelph, Ontario

Speed: 20.4s               Weight: 635lbs

Third Place: Woodman-Cainsville School - Team 8, Brantford, Ontario

Speed: 24.25s             Weight: 795lbs


Secondary Student Championship:

First place: Notre Dame High School, Ottawa, Ontario

Speed: 18.5s                Weight: 940lbs

Second Place: Marathon High School, Marathon, Ontario

Speed: 21.4s               Weight: 650lbs

Third Place: H. B. Beal Secondary School, London, Ontario

Speed: 23.16s                       Weight: 745lbs

Woodman-Cainsville School Team 8 is now number four in the top 10 all-time records for weight performance, with their astounding 795 pound capacity boat -- beating the school’s previous record of 709 pounds last year.

The Cardboard Boat Races is just one of the many initiatives Skills Ontario offers to students across Ontario to encourage the next generation to discover their passion for the skilled trades and technologies.



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