Meet the Ontarians from Team Canada

Apr 3 2017


Skills Ontario is pleased to introduce the official Ontarian members of WorldSkills Team Canada 2017!

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Anne Matiowsky

Trade: Beauty Therapy
School: St. Lawrence College
Employer: Cher-Mere Canada
Hometown: Kingston, Ontario
Age: 20

"I chose a skilled trade as a career because I have always been interested in working in a field where I can do work that is hands on. I enjoy working in the service industry in particular because I’m very social and I love making people look and feel their best."

  • Beauty Therapy was an easy career choice for me because I enjoy working in the service industry, I’m very social and I love making people look and feel their best. In the future I would like to either run a spa from my home or open a wax bar. I became involved in Skills Competitions when my teachers introduced our class to them. I knew from that moment that I wanted to compete in a Skills Competition.
  • Interesting fact about Anne: My biggest inspiration is one of the technicians at my school. She has been an aesthetician for over 10 years and is very confident in her abilities.
  • In my line of work, I find that the Essential Skills of continuous learning and thinking are both very important. It is crucial to continue learning new methods and to offer diverse services to clients. Thinking is just as important of a skill because when a client comes in with a certain problem, I need to be able to think of the best solution to solve this problem.

Avery Bird

Trade: Mechatronics
School: Humber College
Employer: Magna Plastcoat
Hometown: Brighton, Ontario
Age: 24

"I come from a family of tradesmen and women so I grew up with a great amount of respect and awareness of the trades. When I graduated high-school I started on the path to become an electrician. After taking some pre-apprenticeship courses I discovered industrial automation and immediately found a passion for it. The field of mechatronics is growing rapidly and greatly satisfies my love of design, problem solving, and electro-mechanical tinkering."

  • My career goal is to work for a company that produces truly innovative products and services. I want a job where I feel I am making a noticeable contribution towards the company’s success.
  • Interesting fact about Avery: my biggest inspiration is my older sister. She is one of my biggest supporters for the upcoming WorldSkills Competition and has been my life coach on several occasions.
  • In the field of industrial automation and mechatronics, continuous learning is a required Essential Skill. Technology is always changing and improving and it is crucial to keep up with new technologies to stay competitive in the job market.

Jonathan Adair

Trade: CNC Turning
School: Georgian College
Employer: Theta TTS Inc.
Hometown: Barrie, Ontario
Age: 20

"I feel that there are many lucrative career opportunities in the skilled trades and that is why I have decided to pursue a career in this field. In the future I’d like to work in a shop where I can design and make parts for customers and further down the road I’d like to have my own shop. "

  • I found out about Skills Competitions through one of my teachers. I knew that it would be a great opportunity to receive extra training in my trade and that it could potentially lead to new opportunities.
  • I am inspired by people who find a career that they love and wake up every day excited to go to work.
  • I feel that all of the nine Essential Skills help me in my career however document use and continuous learning are the most important ones to master. Document use is useful for reading blueprints and continuous learning allows me to fix any problems that I may encounter.

Theodor Steven Willert

Trade: Mechatronics
School: Humber College
Employer: Magna Plastcoat
Hometown:  Schomberg, ON
Age: 24


"I chose mechatronics because I am fascinated by the idea of building something that has the capacity to build something else. When I was younger I would watch 'How It's Made' and be so excited about how the machines and robots built a car.  It was only later that I started to think about how someone would build these machines and I decided that it could be a great and engaging career."

  • I would like to become a systems integrator to design, build, program and install industrial production equipment.
  • Interesting fact about Theodor: One of my favourite pastimes is reading. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was a great book and it got me hooked on reading.
  • I find that all of the Essential Skills are necessary in the field of mechatronics. However I think that continuous learning is the most crucial skill to have because this industry is always changing, and newer and better technologies are produced every day.

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