Yves Landry Foundation Car Restoration Project

Sep 28 2016

News Release from Yves Landry Foundation – “Advancing Innovation and Excellence”

78 trans amToronto - The Yves Landry Foundation (YLF) is pleased to launch our new “Get It In Gear” project. Our motivation for this project is fueled by the alarming rates of skilled trade shortages, manufacturers struggling to find qualified workers and the lack of awareness by young people and their parents about the good jobs within the trades, right here in Ontario.

Corey Deschamps, Chairman of the Yves Landry Foundation, Board of Directors says, “we are pleased to be delivering the first car for restoration. This charity project has been in the works for quite some time, and it was important for us to find just the right school and teaching staff, who truly believed in the vision of this project and were prepared to make it happen for their students.”
The Yves Landry Foundation, is a federal not-for-profit and for nearly 20 years been encouraging life-long learning, promoting the trades, and supporting the manufacturing sector by building resiliency through investments in upskilling and training initiatives. “It’s all about creating highly qualified people”, says Karyn Brearley, Executive Director of the Yves Landry Foundation. “Our existing workers in Ontario need to keep their skills upgraded, in order for Ontario to remain competitive. At the same time we need to be developing the next generation of workers. We are gravely concerned about the lack of young people choosing careers in the trades. This is impacting Ontario’s ability to compete and grow”.

So to help draw attention to the problem as well as try to address it, YLF has purchased three classic vehicles in need of restoration. Ms. Brearley, says “it takes many skilled trades people to restore an automobile, such as welders, fabricators, machinists, mechanics, upholsters, auto-body painters to name a few.” This project is about encouraging young people to consider the trades. Learn about the trades by touching and getting back to the basics. “We are well aware most young people don’t take trades courses. And those that do, very few continue on after high school. We hope that by getting inspired by a charity project like this, that it might resonate with more young people, and that they will continue in post-secondary or apprenticeship and go on to develop a successful career in the trades”. But it must start with learning the tools.

Creating a new generation

The Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute is receiving a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am to restore for charity. The automotive team at Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute believes in what this project is trying to accomplish. Bill Speed, Auto body Teacher and Project Lead, with over 25 years teaching experience, says “the Trans AM is a great car for the students to learn on. Parts are fairly accessible, and it’s a fun car to work on.” The school houses 13,000 square feet of shop space, stalls for 30 cars with 8 hoists, three mechanical shops and a double auto body shop. Danforth Collegiate has one
of the largest shop facilities in a high school setting. Their focus is: auto mechanics and auto body. In auto mechanics, the curriculum includes all mechanical aspects of the motor vehicle, such as engines, transmissions, brakes, suspension and electrical components. The auto body curriculum includes repair to the external structure of the vehicle, including rust, paint and variety of other damage restoration. With two frame straighteners, 2 squeeze type resistance spot welders and a state-of-the-art down draft spray booth, this school and enthusiastic teaching staff are well positioned to restore this vehicle. Senior students for the most part will be taking the lead on this restoration project.

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YLF: http://www.yveslandryfoundation.com/thegarage/

Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute (Transportation)

For further information on YLF or the Get It in Gear Project contact:

Karyn Brearley
Executive Director
Yves Landry Foundation
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Steven Bain
Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute
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Email: info@danforthcti.com

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