Skills Ontario LEGO Lending Library

Skills Ontario now has available 9 sets of the LEGO Education Spike Prime set for loan to teams for the Skills Ontario Competition. This is the recommended set for both Elementary LEGO contests (LEGO Mechanical Engineering and LEGO Robotics); The previous required set LEGO EV3 has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

The LEGO Lending Library has been established for elementary teams who face a barrier in purchasing the LEGO Education Spike Prime set and would not be able to secure the LEGO set(s) to be able to practice and participate. Quantities are limited and are available on a first come first served basis. LEGO sets are to be used strictly for competition preparation by registered teams. LEGO sets are not to be used for general classroom use.

Through the new LEGO Lending Library, the 9 sets belonging to Skills Ontario can be requested by the school board’s main Registration Contact by emailing Kate Belair . If you do not know who your school board main Registration Contact is, please email Nick Komarnitsky at . This will first be 1 set per board, and if there are less then 9 boards who make requests, there is the possibility of a second set or more being provided per school board.

School Boards will be contacted after space approvals for confirmation if they are to receive one of the 9 sets. Set(s) will be mailed to the location of choice, and costs associated with mailing will be covered by Skills Ontario. If a space is canceled and a kit was already mailed, Skills Ontario will communicate with the School Board on details of where to mail the set back. It is the responsibility of the school board to mail the kit back as soon as possible, so that it can then in turn be mailed to another school board for their use. Mailing the kit back if a space is cancelled will be at the cost of the School Board.

The school board will be responsible for the set(s) and all parts within the set(s). Teams may begin practicing with the set(s) immediately upon receiving the set and up until the date of the competition. Teams will bring the borrowed LEGO set(s) with them to the Skills Ontario competition. This will be the set they use to compete in the competition on the day of, and are to be left at the Competition at the end of the contest, to return to Skills Ontario.

The school board is responsible for returning a full set(s) to the competition, with no missing or broken pieces. At the start of the contest, if any pieces are missing or broken, the cost to replace or fix the set will be invoiced to the school board along with their registration fees. As well, if any pieces are missing or broken when brought to the competition, it will also hinder the success of the team using the set, as they will be possibly be unable to complete in the contest or sections of the contest.