#SkillsAnywhereChallenge Series

The #SkillsAnywhereChallenge series is a fun way for Ontarians of all ages to develop their skills and explore the skilled trades and technologies! On the first Monday of every month, Skills Ontario launches a new challenge that will test your skills in creativity, planning, and more. These activities are completely versatile, meaning you could do them on your own, in the classroom, or with your family and friends! Have fun!

There are three simple steps to submitting a project:

  1. Read the challenge guidelines carefully, including the scoring rubric so you know what the judges will be looking for.
  2. Plan out and create your submission – take photos and/or videos of each step and of course, your final product.
  3. Post your project to Twitter or TikTok before the deadline, follow and tag @SkillsOntario, and use the #SkillsAnywhereChallenge hashtag in your post.

February’s #SkillsAnywhereChallenge asks you to build a snow structure! In case the weather isn’t favourable, we’ve included sample recipes for making indoor snow.







February 2021




February 1, 2021


February 28, 2021

First place:
$25 Amazon Gift Card
Second place:
$25 Amazon Gift Card

Third place:
$25 Amazon Gift Card